Guardian Sword and Guardian Sword++ from BOTW

Guardian Sword and Guardian Sword++ from BOTW
Guardian Sword (Mk3) and Guardian Sword++ (Mk4) models from Breath of the Wild
In: Cosplay, Legend of Zelda, Blender

The Guardian Sword and Guardian Sword++ were some of my earliest designs, and yet also among my most detailed and highest quality due to continuous improvements over time.

Development of the ++

Early on in my pursuit of 3D modelling and the 3D printing creation of various models and props, I came across a design for the Guardian Sword ++ that seemed like a fun project. So I made one. It was a fairly crude design, but the process taught me a few things along the way (learning from the mistakes of others, I suppose!) and so it was a very useful project, all things considered.

From that point, I scrapped the existing model, and created my own design from scratch. The first versions were created to improve upon the overall look of the model, making it more in line with the aesthetic of the in-game item. The 'floating blade' sections were a big part of this, so coming up with structural solutions that allowed for this look came with its own set of challenges. The major issues being structural strength, and the necessity of being able to run a string of LEDs along the length of the blade (back and forth).

Other improvements included a better grip design (again, to more closely match the in-game item), and the addition of a USB-C rechargeable battery and more reliable Arduino controllers.

All in all, I think the Sword++ was a big success, and so far all my clients seem to agree! Though I'm continuously finding ways to improve it, these updates are becoming much more minor as time goes on.

The Smaller Version

As the ++ variant became much more of a 'finished product' I decided to start expanding my BOTW selection. I have a few other items (that will have project logs of their own) but the basic non-plus version of the Guardian Sword was always on my mind to create.

It uses much of the same structural techniques and aesthetic cues that I created for the Sword++, which streamlined the design process somewhat, though with the blade needing to be more low-profile and the grip also being smaller, it required a few space-saving redesigns to allow for all of the internal components to fit (without sacrificing structural integrity).

And so eventually, the Guardian Sword was born, and was added to my growing lineup of Zelda props!

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