Judgement of Shamash

Judgement of Shamash
In: Cosplay, Blender, FDM Printing
Tools: Blender, FDM Printing

The client wanted to put together a cosplay setup for the “God Key made from the core of the 7th Herrscher of the old civilization, the twin pistols Judgement of Shamash”.

3D Render of the windowed cabinet model. 


This weapon (they come as a pair, but they’re identical so I only had to design one) use a unique design of not really having a standard ‘trigger’, instead having more of a futuristic pressure plate setup. There are also a couple of looping decorative pieces that give the aesthetics of the weapon a sweeping effect. This will make the physical creation of the model difficult, as these parts will not be easily compatible with an FDM printer, and they are likely to be too large to be easily printed in resin.

The weapon also includes a floating/levitating crystal, which I have had to design to be suspended using a thin steel rod. Hopefully, at least from a distance, this will give the appropriate effect.


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