"Goffs" Wall Icon

"Goffs" Wall Icon
In: Design, Blender, FDM Printing
Tools: Blender, 3D Printing

The background for this one is pretty short ‘n sweet. I was thinking of a unique Christmas present idea for a friend of mine, and they are a fan of the Ork faction in Warhammer 40k, and when I looked at this icon design I thought... “This would look cool on a wall”. And thus, the Goff Iconography Wall Hanging was born.

3D Render of the Goff wall icon. 


Designed in blender, this piece was created with simplicity of design and assembly in mind. Due to the simple colours, I can print the resulting piece in white, black and red plastics, leaving only the ‘steel’ pieces to be painted with metallic paints for a nice realistic effect.


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