About Studio Nirin

About Studio Nirin
Helping clients bring their imaginations to life.

Creation tools

Here at Studio Nirin, new projects are designed and created using Blender and Fusion360, and then for projects where high-quality renders are required these models are textured using Adobe Substance Painter and Quixel Mixer.

3D manufacturing

For 3D Printing services, a fully custom-built large format FDM printer (calibrated for high-precision and high-speed printing), along with a more standard Prusa i3 Mk3S, are used to produce prototypes in multiple filament types and colours. An 8k resolution LCD printer is also used for extreme-high-detail resin printing, perfect for extremely small and highly detailed models, as well as for engineered parts which can not be printed on an FDM style print bed.


In my spare time... well I don’t really get that much right now, due to working on a masters degree thesis in Digital Arts. Though it is giving me an opportunity get to grips with Unreal Engine 5, which has been... complicated, but interesting.

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